About Me

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My name is Reed Milewicz, and I’m a senior member of technical staff in the Department of Software Engineering and Research within the Center for Computing Research at Sandia National Laboratories. I do research in the areas of software engineering, formal verification, and compilers. I believe that the quality of our lives depends upon the quality of our software, and that’s why I focus on developing better practices, processes, and tools to target all phases of the software development lifecycle. This is a course of research that straddles the line between systems and human factors, and it’s carried out in close coordination with the communities I support.

Since joining Sandia in late 2016, my focus has been on the scientific software development community. Our security, our prosperity, and our ability to understand the universe all depend upon scientific software. To date, however, it’s a class of software that is understudied and undersupported by software engineering research. Through a campaign of research, outreach, and advocacy as part of the IDEAS-ECP project, I am supporting ongoing efforts to improve the productivity of scientist-developers and the long-term sustainability of their projects.

Before joining Sandia, in 2013, I was a research intern at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, working under Dr. Dan Quinlan on the ROSE compiler framework. I received my PhD in 2016 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, under the supervision of Dr. Peter Pirkelbauer. My PhD thesis was on scalable and usable model checking solutions for the verification of multithreaded concurrent programs.